Here at Looking Up Long Island we want to help small businesses get the exposure they deserve. Through our online directory you can have your business listed on Looking Up Long Island, where it generates in the top of search results and you can receive additional exposure!

Setting up your Business Listing on Looking Up Long Island is quick and simple too.

Begin by hovering over the Business Listings tab on the top menu and clicking Plans and Pricing, or start scrolling down until you see until you see Basic Listing, Standard Listing and Featured Listing. If for any reason you’re having an issue finding where to go, just click here!

This is what the page you are being redirected to should look like, and the place where you’ll be choosing which plan is right for you and your business.

A Basic Listing on Looking Up Long Island gets you in the directory along with the basic contact information for your business and a fun customizable cover photo. This listing is free!

A Standard Listing, our most popular plan, includes all of the above plus reviews & comments, a photo gallery, office hours and OpenTable integration. This listing is only $10 per month!

A Featured Listing entails all of the above, and includes Facebook posts to over 800 followers and a higher position in search results. This listing is just $25 per month!

Once you’ve decided on the plan that’s right for you, click on that package, a small blue dot should appear to the left of the one you’ve chosen, then click on the green button that says Listing Details. It’s time to start creating your business listing!

For Username type in a username of your choice that you’d like to use every time you sign into Looking Up Long Island to edit your business listing. Next type in Your email address.

Under where it says Title type in the name of your business. Then fill in your business Address and the Contact Email for your business.

The Listing Category is the category you consider your business to fit best under. For example, if you are a mechanic you should choose Automotive and then also choose the subsequent category of Auto Repair to show your specialization in the automotive field.

Listing Tags are an optional feature but you can use them to let people know about things like, if reservations are needed, or if you accept credit cards. You can also opt to include your Hours of Operation, something many people will be searching for and curious about.

The next order of business is to add a Cover Image. Although this step is optional, it is an essential step to making your business stand out! Use a great, attention grabbing image of your business or your logo! Then you can also add more cool pictures into your Gallery Images! Say your business hosts a charity event and you get some great shots from that event, this is where you can showcase those!

Your Description is another very important facet of your business listing. Let people know what your business is about, what services you offer and what makes you special!

OpenTable ID is a fun, convenient feature for restaurants who use that specific service, to spotlight that service right here on their business listing.

Next type in (or copy and paste in) the URL that leads to the Website of your business. Add your Phone Number and lastly, you have the option of uploading a Video about, or of, your business!

Now Preview your listing to see what it will look like!

Want to fix something? No problem! Simply click on the green button to the left that says Edit Listing!

Love the way your business listing looks and sounds? Great! Click on the green button to the right that says Submit Listing!

Now that you’re at Checkout all you have to do is type in your preferred payment method, review your order and click Create Listing.

Congratulations, you officially have your business listed on Looking Up Long Island. Ready to be searched and discovered by both local Long Islanders and those visiting the region!