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    Edward Palermo is my Hero and my Knight in Shining Armor! He is the Lawyer I will always listen to and will ALWAYS have the Utmost Respect for. Edward Palermo is like a GOD to me. He is my Hero and he always will be. I have known Edward Palermo since January 2015 when I retained his legal services when I was being falsely accused, and I know him to be a wonderful person as well as a wonderful attorney who truly cares about people in general as well as his clients. He is extremely passionate about the practice of law and helping his clients regain their lives daily. He doesn't stop fighting for justice until he obtains justice for all of his clients and I feel it is important to add that he does truly treat all of his clients equally. Edward Palermo dedicates his entire career to helping people obtain justice and this is truly something that needs to be recognized and awarded. He is also a true role model of who all lawyers in society should be exactly like and has earned the respect of his peers in the field. Edward Palermo has shown ongoing initiative, leadership and dedication in the law profession in the last 24 years. He has touched or enriched the lives of his clients, particularly those who are vulnerable or less able to help themselves. He is truly exceptional and the results as well as his client reviews speak for themselves. He has saved many people’s lives and helped many people, and for this we are all extremely thankful. You can find all these extremely beautiful client reviews on the internet dedicated to Attorney Edward Palermo. Edward Palermo is the Best Lawyer and Person I have ever known. He saved me from Criminal Court and from any Criminal Charges. He saved me from Criminal Court several years ago and for this I will always be very thankful for him, and I look up to him as my Hero. He took so much time to go over documents I brought in and he took so much time to answer my questions and to put me at ease. I was a wreck when I walked in his office but I walked out feeling so much better, knowing I had the best lawyer on my side. That made all the difference. His office staff is so sweet, especially his secretary who was always so understanding and empathetic each time I went in his office. There are not enough nice things to say about Edward Palermo. He is just the best lawyer and person. He is my Hero for the past few years since I met him and my gratitude to him is eternal. The wonderful qualities about Ed are in the millions: Attorney Edward Palermo has five star ratings on distinguished Lawyer Review Sites such as AVVO, Martindale, Google Reviews, and many more reputable review sites. His reviews are remarkable and extraordinary; filled with stories from extremely thankful clients who are very grateful for the life changing assistance and Justice they received from Attorney Edward Palermo who has made a difference in all our lives. He is my Hero for the past few years since I met him and my gratitude to him is eternal. Edward R. Palermo Esq. was named and chosen for membership to the Nation's Top One Percent in The National Association of Distinguished Counsel. "According to the NADC, all selections to the Top One Percent are vetted by a research team, a blue ribbon panel of attorneys and a judicial review board." “By virtue of the incredible selectivity of our appointment process, only the top one percent of attorneys in the United States are awarded membership in the NADC.” In addition Edward Palermo was recently invited to join the National Trial Lawyers: Top 100. The National Trial Lawyers is an invitation-only organization composed of the premier trial lawyers from each state in the nation who meet stringent qualifications as civil plaintiff and/or criminal defense trial lawyers. Edward Palermo has also received the highest possible rating on Avvo-10 several years in a row, which is a SUPERB RATING! This is a clear indication of his consistent dedication to his clients over the years and this is an extreme honor. Attorney Edward Palermo has also received for several consistent years in a row the Martindale-Hubbell Client Champion Platinum Award, including 2019, which is awarded by Martindale-Hubbell to attorneys who stand out for stellar service and recognize those attorneys who excel at service as affirmed by their clients. “The Platinum Client Champion, the top award, recognizes those attorneys who have received 10 or more client reviews and an average score of 4.5 or higher (out of 5.0).” (Quote from Martindale-Hubbell Website) Attorney Edward Palermo also received the 2016 Client Distinction Award from Martindale-Hubbell. “Martindale-Hubbell gives the Martindale-Hubbell Client Distinction Award to those lawyers whose clients give the lawyer a 4.5 average rating (out of 5.0) in the following areas: (1) Communications Ability; (2) Responsiveness; (3) Quality of Service; and (4) Value for Money. Less than one percent (1%) of the more than 900,000 attorneys listed by Martindale-Hubbell on its and websites receive the Martindale-Hubbell Client Distinction Award.” (Quote from Martindale-Hubbell website). This definitely describes Attorney Edward Palermo to the tee and describes his continuous commitment to EACH AND EVERY ONE OF HIS CLIENTS. This is something that needs to be recognized and awarded! Edward Palermo received the America’s Most Honored Professionals Award by the American Registry recently. “American Registry, a leading provider of recognition products designed to preserve and commemorate significant business and professional achievements, announces its first official award. Featuring America's Most Honored Professionals, the award is the first of its kind and pays tribute to business people who when ranked across professions and industries rise to the top of America's most highly recognized professionals.”(Quote from American Registry). Edward Palermo's work is making a huge difference in all his clients' lives by him obtaining his clients Justice and giving his clients the opportunity and chances they deserve. There are many people wrongfully accused in our world-me being just one example of a person my Hero Edward Palermo helped and saved from this sick epidemic of people filing false charges. Edward Palermo is helping all his clients fight false charges daily and obtain them Justice and that is something that MUST be recognized and rewarded. Edward Palermo truly cares about his clients and their legal rights and obtaining them Justice. ***Edward Palermo is not happy until his clients are happy. *** He is a shining example of who all lawyers need be exactly like! His clients mean the world to him and it is very important for you to know that he treats all his clients equally. There are just not enough kind words to say about this wonderful person and attorney Edward Palermo. I am so incredibly thankful to Edward Palermo and wanted to give back to him that I wrote this proud Hero Story which is dedicated to him. You can read about it here. I am very proud of this and proud to attach my name to it. It is an extreme honor to be a client of Edward Palermo. On February 28th, 2019, it was announced that Edward Palermo was named as 2019 LONG ISLAND'S BEST LAWYER IN THE BETHPAGE BEST OF LONG ISLAND CONTEST! This is a huge accomplishment, especially due to the fact that there were over 65,000 nominations and Attorney Edward Palermo beat out all the rest simply because he is the Best

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